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2018. 05. 24. Zozzie 0

System Of A Down: System Of A Down Rotting Christ: Theogonia The Crow: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack 1349: Liberation Verilun: Through Fire… in the Sun

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2018. 05. 12. Coly 0

Angelus Apatrida: Cabaret de la Guillotine Demon Incarnate: Darvaza EP Iron Angel: Winds of War Vale of Amonition: Those of Tartarean Ancestry Demonoid: Riders of […]

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2018. 04. 26. Zozzie 0

Fear Factory: Digimortal Aeternam: Moongod Dark Tranquillity: The Gallery Helloween: Keeper of the Seven Keys part 2. Tormentor: Seventh Day of Doom /CD+DVD/ (mert nem […]