Cursed to leave – Morgoth say goodbye until further notice

(Mindjárt jön magyarul is!)

Organisational and individual reasons have compelled Morgoth to refrain from any further live activities. A new record is not planned. The last scheduled live show will take place on June 8th at the Chronical Moshers Open Air in Germany.

The band made this decision after careful consideration. Sebastian Swart: “Since a while it is difficult for us to act flexibly enough as a band. The main reason is that we all live spread all over Germany. My individual reasons are the fact that I suffer from massive and multiple hearing problems, and on top of that, I will be moving abroad for my work.“

The decision does not mean that Morgoth will permanently split up, but all activities are being suspended at this time.

Harry Busse: “This decision was not an easy one for us, but at this point it is necessary to take this step. The initial idea back in 2011 was to play only a handful of shows to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Cursed. The fact that we went on for another seven years and would follow with a new studio album Ungod wasn’t something that we had anticipated back then. We really enjoyed this time and want to thank all of our fans, Century Media Records and our management Clandestine Music for their support during these years.“

The show at Chronical Moshers Festival on June 8th will be the last forseeable chance for fans to see the band live.

Morgoth line-up:

Karsten „Jagger” Jäger – vocals
Harry Busse – lead & rhythm guitars
Sebastian Swart – rhythm guitars
Sotirios Kelekidis – bass
Marc Reign – drums

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