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2018. 06. 09.Coly0

Slayer: South of Heaven Alien Weaponry: Tū Hammerfall: Legacy of Kings Meliah Rage: Idol Hands Lizzy Borden: Love You to Pieces

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2018. 06. 02.Coly0

Obscurity Tears: Songs for a Black Winter Amorphis: Queen of Time Kosmodrom: Gravitationsnarkose The Doomsday Kingsom: The Doomsday Kingsom Cyaxares: Whores of Babylon

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2018. 05. 26.Coly0

Candlemass: House of Doom EP Flotsam And Jetsam: No Place for Disgrace Crisix: Against the Odds Mount Salem: Endless EP Rage: Perfect Man

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2018. 05. 12.Coly0

Angelus Apatrida: Cabaret de la Guillotine Demon Incarnate: Darvaza EP Iron Angel: Winds of War Vale of Amonition: Those of Tartarean Ancestry Demonoid: Riders of […]

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2018. 04. 28.Coly0

Sacred Reich: Heal (Amerikai Egyesült Államok) Explode: Labyrinth of Solitude (Irán) Aggressive: Predator’s Arrival (Kolumbia) Grajo: Slowgood II (Spanyolország) Motör Militia: World in Flames (Bahrein) […]